Tips: Elderflower


This week: ELDERFLOWER: tidbits, recipes focused on beauty, health and creating happiness from the inside (what you eat and drink) and from the outside (what you put on your skin and hair) Bon appetit for your skin & hair!
Tips how to pick elderflowers

~ Pick elderflowers on a dry day, early in the morning (OR buy dried elderflower at the nature store).
~ Only pick the white and fresh-smelling flowers when the clusters are wide open (not the unopened buds).
~ Do not cover or tie the bag with elderflowers, the flowers will sweat and turn brown.

~ Do not pick the stalks. Simply slide your fingers up the stalk and snap the flower head off. Respect the trees, pick from different ones, so just a litlle of every tree!
~ Do not wash the elderflowers, then it will lose the tasty perfume of vanille, honey and musky