Let’s make this weekend lovely and tasty!

Recipe sparkling elderflower

20 gram Elderflowers

1 liter water

1/2 lemon

150 gram sugar

1/2 tablespoon vinegar

Sterilized bottles

Cut the unwashed elderflowers above a bowl.
Cut the lemon into pieces and add it with the sugar, vinegar and water to the elderflowers. Stir well. Cover the bowl with a cloth and put it away on a not too cold spot (not in the fridge). Stir occasionally.

After a few days the fermentation process will start: slightly bubbling.
If not: add yeast and let it steep for another day.

Bottle. The fermentation process creates a little bit of alcohol and carbon dioxide is released. This gives pressure, so use a sturdy bottle and check the bottle regularly. If there’s too much pressure then open the bottle for a moment. Or better yet, drink it!